What is the tracking number or status of my order?

Every order generates a tracking number that is emailed to the email address listed on your Doctors Biome account.

Please note that the tracking number is automatically created upon fulfillment, however it does not update the information until the carrier updates the code normally 24 hours after.

Tracking Order Status and their Meanings : 

  • Unfulfilled : Order has not finished processing.
  • Label Generated : Order has been fulfilled and is waiting to be shipped out.
  • In Transit : Order has left our facility and is being delivered by 3rd party carrier.
  • Out for Delivery : Typically the 3rd party carrier is delivering the package that same day. Check your tracking number for detailed estimated time of arrival.
  • Delivered : Order has been delivered and confirmed by 3rd party carrier.
  • Delivered/Rejected : An order was never signed for or intercepted by 3rd party carrier and is being sent back to our packing facility. Please contact support@doctorsbiome.com for resolution.

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