Warm Weather Shipping Policy

Doctors Biome refrigerates our product year round, but during the warm weather seasons, we provide extra cold chain shipping.

Although temperature patterns vary by region, as a general rule Doctors Biome defines warm weather shipping dates as May 1st - September 30th.

Changes in Shipping Policy during the warm weather months include the following :

Package changes may include the following:

  1. Additional insulation.
  2. Refrigeration packs.
Any Thursday orders outside of the 1 day FedEx Ground Shipping zones will be sent Monday morning, to avoid Weekend shipping delays.

While we try to ensure that every order arrives refrigerated, we cannot guarantee refrigerated temperatures for every order for the following reasons:

  • Delayed or lost shipments.
  • Damages in transit.
  • Packages exposed to high temperatures at delivery address for long periods of time.
Doctors Biome products are shelf-stable at room temperature so why do we go through so much trouble to make sure that deliveries arrive refrigerated? Read more FAQs below.

My shipment arrived with ice packs, but the product is not cold, is the product still safe to consume?
Yes – Doctors Biome is shelf-stable at room temperature (70 degrees F)
Why ship your product refrigerated if the product is stable at room temperature?
Refrigerated temperatures do extend the shelf-life of Doctors Biome. Several of the probiotics used in Doctors Biome can produce small amounts of (CO2), which can sometimes increase under hotter temperatures. While this is still safe for consumption, this can sometimes lead to damaged products in transit. We ship Doctors Biome under refrigerated conditions to try and reduce this possibility.

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